Write One Page Per Day – 364/365 – December 30, 2018

I sat in my office, my heart fluttering in my chest as my men left to answer the door. Taking the moment of silence I looked around the room to ensure everything was perfect for the big reveal. Months of following my plan had led me to this moment, and I wouldn’t have it ruined over something trivial.

Even though I was expecting it, I still jumped when a knock came at the door. My heart was still racing so I took a deep breath.

“Come in,” I called as I turned my chair away from the door. Shit, it should have been something more ominous, like ‘enter’ or something…

I heard the door open and the sound of three people walking into the room. I affixed my most wicked smile and spun my chair around to face them. In my excitement, my chair went a little too far and my knee bashed off my desk. It took a lot more effort than I thought to not wince or cry out.

“Welcome to my lair, Jeremy,” I said. Lair? Really? How cliché could you be, Kevin?

“Kevin! I should have known!” Jeremy gasped.

“It’s not your fault. I have been orchestrating the last few months of this operation with pinpoint accuracy. The only reason you made it here is because of the clues I left you,” I said.

“Why, Kevin? Why would you do all this? This isn’t like you,” he asked.

I could see the pain and confusion in his eyes. It bothered me more than I thought to see him hurting, but I pressed on.

“Because you, and every other person in this pathetic city are cruel and kick people when their down!” I roared, trying to distract myself from his blue eyes. “I have been working to accomplish the destruction of this city for nearly twenty years. I have worked tirelessly to bring the most powerful people together for one special night. Their last night!”

I laughed as images of flames and explosions ripping through the Northern Gala building. The screams of those people who had done me no favors when I was at my lowest. The people that would have let me die on that night seventeen years ago when I had been stabbed at a similar event and everyone ran away rather than helping me.

“They’ll all pay,” I whispered.

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