Write One Page Per Day – 196/365 – July 15, 2018

I walked through Central, the building that made our world possible, gripping the bat that my predecessor had given me. The word “STAR” in all caps had been burned into it to celebrate all the progress I had made. Enough progress to be put in charge of this building. He didn’t know that I had worked as hard as I needed to get here for one purpose. This morning I burned three more letters on the bat that now read “RESTART”

Memories flooded through my head as I scanned my key-card to gain access to the world’s largest CPU, a grimace affixed to my face. All the caste issues, all the pain and suffering of the people who once relied on hard work would disappear in a few minutes. The people that were starving would get their chance when the automated system fell leaving the overfilled storehouses unguarded.

I rounded the last corner to see the technological marvel before me. Sleek and shining in its own light. My hands suddenly felt sweaty. I was sure of my mission until I saw it.

“You shouldn’t do this, Jeff,” the computer stated simply over the speakers in the room.

“You don’t know what I should do.” I muttered as I gripped the bat with both hands. I swung hard, bring the bat around my side and down with all my weight. The glass covering the processor shattered as the bat slammed into the thin metal sheet beneath it.

The lights flickered.

I raised the bat and came down again, this time on one of the corners, hoping to break a piece of it. The processor exploded, sending shards of metal in every direction, one of which tore through my arm rendering it useless.

The lights went out. The computers clicked off. I couldn’t hear outside, I was too far underground, but I knew those in the upper caste were losing their minds as the poor figured out that the security features keeping them out were down. Soon they would flood into every part of every city in the world and reclaim what was rightfully there’s, life.

I pushed on the door to find that it had failed closed. The magnetic locks were still on. The blood running from my arm pooled on the floor as I remembered the designs for this room. While still connected to the network, it retained an analog backup in the event of power failure. An analog backup that would keep the door shut for no less than ten days.

I laughed. I couldn’t help the irony. I had worked so hard to get here, only to not be able to leave. Even when it was over, I would die in the position I had worked so hard to get.

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