Write One Page Per Day – 194/365 – July 13, 2018

“Is anyone there?” Henry called into the dark room. He was sure he had heard a chirping sound. He checked the inside of the walls, running his hand over the horse-hair plaster searching for a light switch.

He slowly walked in, holding his hands out to reach the other wall, as the old wood floor creaked beneath his feet. The light from behind him didn’t help anything. It seemed to end six inches through the door, making it all but impossible to see.

The chirp sounded again, this time sounding more panicked, like a chipmunk evading a predator. He was sure there was something in there now. A low growl emanated from far off, making him hesitate for a second, but he shrugged it off.

This is in the center of the house, it’s just my imagination, he thought.

He pressed forward, now determined to reach the back wall. The floor suddenly gave way to rocks and sticks. Scratching at his shins. His foot caught on something in the dark and he fell forward, tumbling out of the edge of a wall of vines and into a forest path.

“What the hell?” He muttered as he looked around.

The squeak sounded again, only this time is was directly next to him.

“Don’t speak, you fool!” A tiny chipmunk whispered as he drew a very small silver-colored sword. “You’ll only provoke it.”

The low growl rumbled again, only this time it was in front of him. A lynx was looking between him and the chipmunk, trying to decide which was the easier meal.

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