Write One Page Per Day – 185/365 – July 4, 2018

The Vacation Rental

The room looked old, like one of those rooms from the old movies with the faded carpets and torn furniture. I could smell the mold permeating from every surface and though I could even taste it in the thick hot air.

“How’s everything going, Darrel?” Evette asked as she rounded the corner to the door. Her rosy cheeks and bright smile made the room feel brighter.

“I think we got taken by the vacation rental site.” I replied. “I didn’t sign up for cleaning an old mansion.”

“It’s not that bad,” she said, “It’s just a little dusting. At least none of us are staying in the house alone.”

“That’s the other thing,” I said. “You and the others are all nice enough thankfully, but don’t you find it a little weird that six of us are booked in the same house at the same time? Is that how it’s normally done?”

“Some times individual rooms are rented on those sites,” she said, “It’s not a terrible thing. I’d rather be here with all of you than be here alone. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t stay here alone. This place gives me the creeps.”

I watched a visible shiver run through her.

“It’ll be fine. It’s just an old house.” I said.

“Alright, well, I’ll be cleaning my room down the hall if you need anything.” she replied as she walked down the hall, “I’ll see you around dinner…”

This is going to suck… I thought as I began cleaning.

To be continued…




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