Write One Page Per Day – 179/365 – June 28, 2018

The Blue Flower

“Can you help me with something?” Jeremy asked the florist, “I need some help picking out some flowers for my girlfriend.”

“Of course!” She responded, “Do you know what kind of flower you’re looking for, or what color you would like?”

“Her favorite color is blue.” Jeremy replied as the phone on the counter began ringing.

“Excuse me for a moment,” The florist said as she picked up the phone. She spoke for a few seconds and then turned her attention back to him, “I’m sorry, this is an important order for the store, could you go pick one out? This might take a while.”

“Sure…” Jeremy replied, turning to walk down an aisle.

He walked between the rows of flowers, looking at petal shapes and height. Everything he saw was in shades of gray, as was everything he saw. He felt a gnawing sense of anxiety growing in his stomach as he reached out for a flower that could have been any color.

The bell on the door distracted him for a moment and, looking up to see who had come in the store, he saw her. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. It wasn’t that her features were perfect, or that she had a particularly appealing physique. It was the color!

Every part of her, in Jeremy’s vision, shone with brilliant hues of color. He looked at her stunned, knowing that each color had a name, but unable to tell which was which.

She walked past the florist and straight toward him. Her face was set in a warm smile as she stopped a few feet from him.

“Jeremy Robbins?” She asked.

“Y-Yes?” He said, his eyes still exploring the explosion of color in disbelief.

“Finally!” She said, “I’ve come to fix you.”

She reached out quickly, tapping him on the forehead with a finger. A sharp pain erupted in his forehead and he watched in amazement as the color bled off the woman into the world. His breath caught in his chest at the torrent of information. He spun, looking at the color in everything, and when he returned to where the woman had been she was gone.

On the floor in the spot that she had been standing was a brilliant flower and a card.

He bent, picking up the flower and the card. The card showed him a color wheel with labeled colors, identifying the flower in his mind as blue.

Jeremy ran past the florist, dropping cash on the counter before he flew out the door, running down the road with tears welling up in his eyes. The entire world was beauty and color. He couldn’t wait to share it with his girlfriend.

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