Write One Page Per Day – 177/365 – June 26, 2018

The Patient

“It comes at night mostly,” Yari said as she took a long haul from her cigarette. “The darkness, I mean. The darkness that sits in a little place in the back of my head. It sneaks up on me, catching off guard every time. It twists my insides and pulls me inside out, you know?”

Dr. Kellinger scratched a note in his pad, “When’s the last time the ‘darkness’ came?”

“Two nights ago. I was alone in the car, driving home from work. I remember that much.” Yari replied. “It was crippling. I can remember smiling while I listened to the music, one of my favorite songs came on the radio. Have you heard the one about the chandelier? I like that one.”

“No, I’m afraid I don’t know that one.” Dr. Kellinger replied, making another note. “Let’s keep our talk about you. So you remember feeling crippled. Do you remember anything that what happened after?”

“Just vague images mostly. There’s no sound or anything, just like still pictures.” Yari leaned forward and picked up one of the ink blots that was strewn on the table between them. “These things are cool. I’d like to have some of these framed on my walls some day.”

“Yari, I need you to focus.” Dr. Kellinger said, “I need you to try to remember what happened after.”

Yari’s face suddenly darkened, taking on a serious expression as her eyes leveled with him. She leaned forward a little more, letting her blouse open enough to let the doctor see, and a smile twitched at the corner of her mouth.

“Yari isn’t here.” She said, reaching forward for his leg, “Only me. You want me to hurt you the way that I hurt Kevin? Tell me doctor, do you like getting hurt?”

The doctor shifted uncomfortably in his chair to stop her from touching him, averting his eyes from her now mostly exposed chest. His hand moved and pressed the button on the alarm just as she lunged into his lap.

She took his pad and the alarm from his hands as she straddled him, throwing them on the floor. “Do you think I’m sexy, Gavin?” She whispered in his ear as the orderlies came through the door and removed her from the room. He straightened his jacket and bent for the pad as another orderly came through the door.

“Are you okay, Dr. Kellinger?” Tom asked, seeing him shaking.

“No, I don’t think I am.” He replied, seeing the words on the pad.

Yari had written two words on the pad before she dropped it.

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