Write One Page Per Day – 122/365 – May 2, 2018

Continued from May 1, 2018

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Jeff felt his cheeks warm in response to the suggestion from Cindy’s mother. He shifted uncomfortably in his chair and cleared his throat.

“What can I do to help?” He asked, as Mildred began flipping through the book.

“Oh, you just sit there and relax. I’ll get my daughter back in no time.” Mildred responded.

“I’m going to go check on things over at Central,” Mario said, rising from the table. “Let me know if anything happens.”

Mildred snorted at him and waved him away with a hand.

Jeff watched as Mario disappeared back the way they had come before turning back to the statue and Mildred. He thought about everything that had happened since he received the script only a few days ago.

“Stop it,” Mildred said without looking up from her book. “I can smell regret. Fate has a funny way of putting us where we are supposed to be. Before coming into this, Cindy and I were living quite happily in Maryland, oblivious to the secret existence of the supernatural.”

“What happened to you two?” He asked, “If you don’t mind me asking.”

“We were dragged into this by my late husband, Cindy’s father. He worked for the Department of Transportation, and had to do some surveying of a property. He found a disk in the grass with some carvings on it, and that was all she wrote.

“The disk had been cursed by a group of nut-jobs that thought that they were responsible for bringing about the end of the world. Jack showed up with the disk very near death. A dozen cultists showed up as well, but thankfully Mario had been tracking the group.”

“I’m so sorry,” Jeff replied, “Cindy never talked about you, or her dad, at work.”

“I wouldn’t expect her to, to be honest. This is a hard life, fighting the things that most people think are in fairy tales and nightmares.” Mildred said, turning a page, “I’m surprised she and that Steve fella could even hit it off. Course, I scared that guy off real quick. Had no back bone.”

Jeff’s heart leapt at the news, and he struggled to contain his excitement.

“Was Cindy upset?” Jeff asked.

“Nah, she tried dating a few times in the past, but it never worked out, what with the life we live and all. Not many people can be exposed to this and keep their wits. Look at me, for example, I’m crazier than McCarthy deciding communism is the way to go.” She said giving him a quick wink before returning to her book. “Now be quiet so I can focus, please.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Jeff nodded.

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