Write One Page Per Day – 48/365 – February 17, 2018

Continued from February 16, 2018

Claire arrived at their destination, fully carried by six people. She recognized the building as an apartment building nearby the station. The group moved through the lobby of the building quickly as Beth kept pressure on her wound. They moved straight to the stairs and began the climb.

“It’ll be okay, Claire.” Beth said as Claire cried out when one of the people holding her tripped. “William can help you, he has a special rune, like the oracle, but he’s a healer.”

Claire opened her mouth to reply, but the words escaped her mind before they could come. The pain was getting worse, and her stomach was beginning to cramp. As they rounded the stairs on the fourth floor, Claire lost consciousness.


“Claire? Can you hear me?” Claire heard a voice saying.

“What?” She replied, only half awake, “I had a weird dream. The world ended and-”

“Claire!” Beth said as Claire turned her head.

The fog seemed to lift from Claire’s mind when she saw her. It wasn’t a dream at all, she was still in the middle of everything. She reached down and touched her side where the pain had been to find that it was only slightly tender to the touch.

“It was close.” The man standing opposite Beth said, “They got you up here just in time. Your organs were shutting down.”

“This is William.” Beth said as Claire saw the rune on his forehead.

“That looks like a cursive ‘r’ that’s been turned around.” Claire said, still slightly dazed.

“My rune is Uruz. It’s a healing mark.” William said with a warm smile. “I’ll teach them all to you so you can recognize a friend from foe.”

“Okay.” Claire said nodding. “What about Goldman? He’s my friend.”

“Who is Goldman?” William asked, looking from Claire to Beth.

“He’s her old partner, he has a corrupt Gebo.” Beth said.

“I see.” William said, “I’m sorry, Claire, but his rune will change him.”

“He’s my partner!” Claire said, “He’s always there for me. You’ll see. He’ll find a way to help me.”

“Get some rest.” William said putting his hand on her shoulder. “It’ll become clear once you speak with the Oracle.”

Claire felt a wave of exhaustion wash over her. She didn’t understand why, but she knew that it was William doing it. Her eyelids slipped lower and the room became hazy as she fell into sleep.

Claire fell into a dream almost instantly. It came like the opening of a scene, a huge field with blood-red grass. Bodies were strewn everywhere, mangled and misshapen, and the sun was dark. A putrid fog rolled across the landscape enveloping her, removing the battlefield from view, and threatening to suffocate her.

The pain flared in her side again, but this time when she looked over she saw Goldman holding the knife that had plunged into her side. His face was one of rage and blood lust. She fell to the ground and the darkness took her once more.

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